A completely unique perspective on Major League Baseball.


sorry for my lack of posting, been busy with my beauty and fashion blog on another platform and enjoying the summer. Throw in catching the flu and it sums up my August ;)

Never fret, I am still watching every beisbol game, and yes two of my aces Wainwright & Felix Hernandez, “shit the bed” yesterday for my fantasy lineup…

I wish I wasn’t busy working during yesterdays Athletics game.

I would have enjoyed the Garza meltdown…

I HATE Fantasy Baseball!

I totally forgot to double check my lineup this morning, and Adam Wainwright is sitting on my bench!

Jaso's solo homer

So I joined keek (my phone doesn’t support vine… or should I say it’s the other way around) but none the less try watching the videos if you can to hear snippets of my opinions on beisbol related happenings.

I’m sure they will get better with time ;)


I’m pretty stoked for the second half to be here.

I have to admit, I never want baseball season to end (the sport with the shortest off season, lol)

Now things are getting real!